Mixing and Matching

It is often said that “opposites attract”, meaning that two people (potential partners) can have different likes and dislikes and be different personalities altogether, yet still be happy together by complementing each other’s tastes.

“When you meet someone so different from yourself, in a good way, you don’t even have to kiss to have fireworks go off. It’s like fireworks in your heart all the time. I always wondered, do opposites really attract? Now I know for sure they do. I’d grown up going to the library as often as most people go to the grocery store. Jackson didn’t need to read about exciting people or places. He went out and found them, or created excitement himself if there wasn’t any to be found. The things I like are pretty simple. Burning CDs around themes, like Songs to Get You Groove On and Tunes to Fix a Broken Heart; watching movies; baking cookies; and swimming. It’s like I was a salad with a light vinaigrette, and Jackson was a platter of seafood Cajun pasta. Alone, we were good. Together, we were fantastic.”
Lisa Schroeder, I Heart You, You Haunt Me

While some partnerships will thrive on these differences, others might not. For example, people of different religions may struggle unless one converts to the other’s; in some cultures, this is either expected or even obligatory.


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