Filipina – Best of Both Worlds?

Western men have long been attracted to the exotic mystery of ‘The East’ which really begins in the region known as South Asia. The Indian sub-continent is considered to be the ‘gateway’, beyond which is a vast, mostly tropical area that takes in South East Asia on its way to China, Japan and Korea.

Gorgeous-looking women are found in quantity all over Asia, but in many male eyes, the crème de la crème of Southeast Asia is more likely to be found not in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Burma (now Myanmar), Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam or Cambodia – but the Philippines.

While all these Asian countries have beautiful women, it’s also their nature and culture that sets them apart from most Western women, many with the fair hair and white skin and features of European, especially Northern European women. This contrast, including the colour of their hair (dark brown to black) and skin hues that can range from pale cream all the way to dark brown and facial characteristics from Chinese or Japanese all the way to almost negroid, can make a dramatic impression on the Western male! And enticing combinations of all these!

What is it that makes Asian or Eastern women so attractive to men from the West and end up choosing a partner from the Philippines? Filipino women, more correctly filipina, are some of the most sought after wives of all. Why might that be? Several reasons, as it happens.

ttlafilipinaFirst there’s the physical aspect. While personal beauty should never be the main criterion for a loving relationship and marriage, it can be likened to a cherry on the top of a delicious, well-iced cake! And Filipina are seen as being beautiful by most standards.

Secondly, and this really only applies to the Philippines, is the country’s history which is quite different from others in the region. Apart from natural migration of people from the mainland of India and China, most of Southeast Asia (Thailand, formerly Siam, being an exception) was colonized either by the British or the French.

Uniquely, today’s Republic of the Philippines was ruled over first by the Spanish who introduced the local inhabitants to the Roman Catholic religion, and later by the United States.  The Catholic culture is still strong; the women are taught from childhood that they should be conservative, faithful, loving and adoring of their future partner.  As in other Asian cultures, some have strayed away from ‘old ways’ and have become more (or in some cases, much worse) than their modern Western counterparts.  But the majority of filipina have higher moral standards.

These cultural influences are still apparent in their language which is a mixture of local dialects known as tagalog, Spanish and English. Although tagalog is still the first tongue of a quarter of the population, English is also an official language and used in towns and cities; it has been taught in all schools for generations. The Filipino English accent is more American than British.

Geographically, this large group of over 7,000 islands can be divided into three main areas of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The country’s capital is Manila while its most populous city is Quezon City; both are part of what is known as Metro Manila. These are all hugely popular vacation destinations, but many Westerners have settled happily with their chosen Filipina and live there with their beautiful offspring! It’s a lower cost of living than in more developed countries, there are lovely beaches and a warm, tropical climate throughout the year. The occasional seasonal hurricane can make life interesting, though!

Other ‘foreigners’ have met their partners either by visiting, meeting filipina already in their home countries – often online – and decided to take them back to their home countries to live. People of the Philippines have always been prepared to move to wealthier countries to find work and a better standard of living.

Their mysterious beauty has evolved from the mixture of different ethnic groups and races including indigenous, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. They showcase beauty that is rarely found elsewhere. Then add in those great qualities that can make them the best choice of partner for life.

From a different point of view, what would make a Filipino woman marry an older (sometimes considerably older) foreign man? Is it just the money that they are after? Or is it something that will help them achieve self-realization?

There are several possible reasons why many filipina marry foreign partners. Most believe that marrying a man from another country would make their life and future better in almost every aspect. Let’s face it, money is the primary motivator for many people. No one can survive without it. Women’s primary purpose in life is bear the children for future generations. A husband’s responsibility is to provide shelter and security for his partner and offspring. That obviously requires money! Unfortunately, other factors come into play and not everyone in this world is going to make a good wife and mother or husband and provider. But that is the same all over the world.

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