Asian Partners

An Asian Woman as a Partner

Whether or not you have an idea where your preferred potential partner should originate or from which particular group, you can explore alternatives too, especially if you are considering meeting someone from another country,  region or background with different traditions and values from your own.

Here are some of the possibilities, starting with just Asia, where there is a huge choice of friend, date or potential partner! Western men with failed relationships in their own country often look to the East for a new partner; certain countries are not only welcoming to tourists, but their women (and sometimes their men) seem to be more attractive than what they are used to. The most popular countries and nationalities are Thailand and the Philippines which are both in Southeast Asia. Visit our Filipina page to see why Western men find Philippines women so desirable.



Filipina (Philippines)






Hong Kong Chinese





Learn more about Latina and darker-skinned women on the next page or visit our Filipina page to see why Western men find Philippines women so desirable. Maybe it’s because they are both Asian and Latina!

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